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Lighter Fluid Gel 200ml🔥 👍

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LotusGrill lighter fluid gel 200ml is an ethanol-based fluid gel used to start both your charcoal BBQs and Grills, but it has been designed explicitly for your LotusGrill portable BBQ.

How do you light a BBQ with lighter gel? 

Simply pour the Ethanol BBQ Lighter Fluid Gel around the center of the ignition/bottom tray of your LotusGrill, being careful not to spill any through the center.

Immediately after the air flow fan has been switched on, ignite the lighter gel with a match or lighter before placing the charcoal container on top. Be careful after you have ignited the bbq ignition gel, and be aware that this ignition gel has no odour and burns so cleanly, without smoke, that the flame is barely visible.

It also works with other charcoal or wood barbecues.

Safely Warning: do not use liquid spirits, petrol, or something similar to ignite or reactivate the fire.

How do you light a BBQ with lighter gel? Here's how you use it:

  1. Squeeze a circle of firelighter LotusGrill lighter fluid gel onto the ignition plate.
  2. Place the ignition plate into the inner bowl of the Lotus Grill.
  3. Turn the fan on to maximum, then light the lighter fluid gel with a match or lighter. You should see a faint blue flame with no smoke.
  4. Place the filled charcoal canister on top of the ignition plate. Within minutes, the charcoal will be glowing hot. 

For use with Lotus Grill's Beechwood lump charcoal

  • Ethanol-based, odourless
  • Volume - 200ml
  • Packaged Dimensions - 55mm x 45mm x 130mm

HQ Stainless Steel Bowls - Silicon Cover-3pc Set

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jean Watson

Not used as yet but I am sure it will live up to the reviews I have read

Rose Fox
Lighter fluid gel

This works well, gets the fire lit effectively. I pays to have the fan going and let it burn for a second or two before dropping the charcoal on top.

Cornelis Kruger

Easy setup, quick to light and heat up, excellent heat. Lovely unit

Gary Donaldson

Lighter Gel 200ml

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