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ECO Furn Background Story- FAQ

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ECO Furn Background Story- FAQ

EcoFurn products are made from solid wood of Nordic Origin only. No raw materials from fragile rain forests are used. We only buy wood from managed forests and sources that either have an FSC certificate or can specify the location of the wood material delivered to us. Besides the Nordic wood, we use hemp rope and for some items, metallic fasteners. The products are preferably delivered in flat packs to avoid excessive packing material and freight space. The packing material we use is always recyclable, unless there are special circumstances (e.g. freight rules and regulations) that force us to change our usual ways.

Our products are designed to last very long, when treated right. If any part of the product gets ruined, it can be replaced. Or if the product has been mistreated, it may be saved and recreated by treating it.

From the beginning, this ecological thinking and respect for nature has been the very core of our production. The products are 100 % recyclable and there will not be any waste left to ruin nature. Recently, we invested a lot in expanding and thoroughly updating our factory. With top-level process techniques and infrastructure, we now have environmentally friendly production facilities.

We also refine all our production leftovers at our factory. Our production process uses all the wood beneficially: it turns the residues to briquets, even the sawdust to pellets, which both can be used for heating.
We stand strongly for returning from plastic to wood. It is our mission to manufacture wooden products so good that consumers prefer them also for their other qualities, not the ecology alone. Climate conscious choices are often practical, as well. We encourage consumers to favor sustainability.
Climate change, plastic pollution, chemicalisation of the environment, and the sufficiency and cleanliness of food are the biggest environmental challenges of our times. We do not want to increase those problems through our actions. We want to be a part of the solution.