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Glass BBQ Hood With BBQ Thermometer - LotusGrill G340 - TANZ Products

Glass BBQ Hood With Thermometer | LG340

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Glass BBQ Hood With Thermometer | LG340 shields food from the wind and helps to achieve an even cooking temperature.

Observe food through the transparent strengthened security glass lid, and keep an eye on the temperature in the Glass BBQ Hood with the inbuilt thermometer.

It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

  • Fits standard-size LotusGrill Portable Charcoal BBQ model LG340.
  • Packaged Weight - 1.9kg

Packaged Dimensions - 150mm x 370mm x 370mm

The specially developed BBQ hood with security glass converts the LotusGrill into a multi-function barbecue. The knob has an integrated thermometer for easy and accurate reading of reached temperature.

Heat adjustment is controlled directly on the LotusGrill with the infinitely adjustable heat control switch. 

The glass hood with BBQ Thermometer is easy to handle, and cleaning couldn't be more straightforward after use.

The glass hood can be placed in a dishwasher for cleaning purposes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Harris
Works fine but not perfect

Nice probably mandatory addition to the lotus grill which struggles to get to high temps and this helps especially im wind but still not enough. With strong gusts bbq never gets hot enough, lid is not a perfect fit on rim and design of grill has a gap so wind can pass thru small issue however just need to find sheltered spot. Thermometer can get water in it easily when washing so need to be careful but dries out fine. Overall pretty good and necessary

Andrew Adamson

Great service and love the grill.

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