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 Garden BBQ's  LotusGrill XXL-- TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBQ - TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBQ - TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBQ - TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBQ - TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBQ - TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBQ - TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBQ - TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBQ's- TANZ Products
LotusGrill XXL Garden BBq's- TANZ Products

Garden BBQ's - LotusGrill XXL Charcoal BBQ

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  • Title: Lotus Grill XXL Garden BBQ - Ultimate Charcoal BBQ with Precise Temperature Control

    Product Description:

    Introduction: Elevate your outdoor grilling experience with the Lotus Grill XXL Garden BBQ. This modern, colourful design seamlessly complements your outdoor patio furniture, offering both style and functionality.

    Key Features:

    • Effortless Ignition: Equipped with two built-in, battery-operated fans, this XXL Garden BBQ provides consistent airflow to the Beechwood lump charcoal, ensuring a virtually smoke-free grilling experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of smoky BBQs; your grill is ready to use in just 5 minutes.
    • Precise Temperature Control: Take control of your grilling with two adjustable switches that regulate the fans, allowing you to fine-tune the heat. The more air you introduce to the lump charcoal, the hotter it burns, all while minimizing sparks and embers.
    • Safety First: The Lotus Grill XXL features a double-walled construction, sealed charcoal containers, and a lockable grill grid, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable grilling session. Grease is expertly channelled away from the charcoal, reducing smoke production to a minimum.
    • Convenient Assembly and Cleaning: After use, this grill can be completely disassembled and cleaned effortlessly, ensuring a hassle-free grilling experience.
    • Extensive Accessories: Enhance your grilling adventures with a range of specially developed accessories, from lighter gel to teppanyaki plates, and more.

    Why Choose Lump Charcoal Over Briquettes:

    • Lump charcoal burns hotter and cleaner, providing variable heat that's manageable with the Lotus Grill fan system.
    • Unlike briquettes, lump charcoal is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthier and tastier grilling experience.
    • For optimal results, we recommend using Lotus Grill Beechwood Charcoal for efficient and well-managed cook-ups.

    Best Placement for Your BBQ: For your safety, it's recommended to operate the Lotus Grill XXL Garden BBQ on a flat, clean surface, away from any potentially flammable debris, low-lying trees, hedges, and low-hanging branches. Ensure a safe grilling environment for your outdoor gatherings.

    Technical Data:

    • Weight: Approximately 21.8 kg
    • Measurements: Top diameter 600 mm, bottom diameter 488 mm, height 284 mm, grid diameter 576 mm
    • Material: Durable construction with stainless steel components and impact-resistant plastic

    What's Included:

    • 1 x Lotus Grill XXL Garden BBQ
    • 1 x Grill cart
    • 4 x Battery AA 1.5V DC
    • 1 x USB power cord
    • 1 x Assembly
    • 1 x Instruction Manual

    Must-Have Extras:

    Optional Extras:

    Elevate your outdoor cooking with the Lotus Grill XXL Garden BBQ. Order now for an unparalleled grilling experience.

Customer Reviews

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Adam Rennison

Great .. only issue was one fan didn't wrk but was told how to fix and bloody awesome e bbq

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